We welcome anyone interested in buying a home in our community to review the Homeowner's Association bylaws and covenants. Just click the links for an easy to read PDF version.
The following changes were made to the Restrictive Covenants in 2020:
  • Section 2, M. Private Building and Use Restrictions
    Under Architectural Committee. You must email the HOA Board with your plans here: Contact
    Sub-section M. Outbuildings:
    Outbuildings will be allowed with the following restrictions with plans to be submitted to the Architectural Committe before the start of any construction:
    Outbuildings must be in the back yard
    The building must be made of wood and painted the same color as the homeowner’s house
    Must be completed and painted within 30 days of the start of construction
    Roof shingles of outbuilding must match the shingles on the homeowner’s house ( See Subsection K. Roofing Materials for reference).
    Roof pitch must be similar to the house and no barn style roofs will be permitted.  
    Only one (1) outbuilding allowed per homeowner
  • Section 2, N. Swimming Pools
    Above ground pools will be allowed with the following restrictions:
    The height of the pool cannot be higher than 4 foot from original existing property ground level
    Any decking around the pool cannot be higher than 4 foot from original existing ground level. This
    includes but is not limited to railing, pool slides, pool furniture and umbrellas.